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About Timeshare at Pacific View Resort

Australians were first introduced to the concept of Timeshare with the opening of several resorts in both New South Wales and Queensland in 1978. Pacific View Resort opened in 1981.

Today there are over 110 Timeshare resorts in Australia alone, catering to the needs of more than 130,000 families who own Timeshare holiday intervals in those resorts.

Traditional Timeshare is offered at Pacific View Resort

Consumers make a one-time purchase of furnished resort accommodation, at a fraction of whole ownership costs, and pay an annual maintenance levy. Each unit at Pacific View is divided into 52 fixed weeks which are sold individually. Consumers purchase a specific unit for a specific weekly interval. The purchaser owns the holiday accommodation – but only for the amount of time he or she has purchased. Typically one or two weeks a year. Included in these rights is the exclusive use of a range of resort facilities, such as tennis, sauna, spa, swimming pool and table tennis. With timeshare, the owner has all the benefits of a holiday home without the year round costs.

Fixed time is purchased b y the owner for the same use at the same time each year. The ownership weeks are pre-fixed by the calendar year, week 1 commences of the first Friday in January each year.

Pacific View Resort is a title based scheme. This means that each timeshare purchaser receives an undivided interest in the property. Each unit is divided into 52 weeks (at least one week per year is reserved for maintenance). For each weekly interval acquired, the purchaser is entitled to 1/52nd undivided interest in the unit property. This type of ownership enables the owner to sell, rent or will the timeshare interval.


Pacific View Resort Owners (Shareholders) elect a Board of Directors each year. These Directors are nominated and duly elected from the shareholders and are responsible for overseeing the operations and management of the resort. The Board is responsible for ensuring maintenance of the resort, as well as the establishment of a budget and levy to be paid by each owner as a contribution towards such upkeep.

Maintenance Levy

An annual maintenance levy is necessary to maintain an preserve the value of Pacific View Resort. A budget is calculated and shared equally among all timeshare owners of the resort. The annual levy is used to cover the costs of maintenance (E.g., housekeeping, repairs, refurbishments, utilities and maintenance of the resorts common areas) and management of the resort (e.g., administration, accounting, legal fees, taxes and insurance). All members contribute in proportion to the number of weeks they own.

Pacific View Resort accounts operate on a calendar year basis. In late October each year, accounts are sent out to all owners.

The maintenance levy for weeks 1 to 26 is due by the 1st December.

The maintenance levy for weeks 27 to 52 is due by the 1st June.

Failure to pay by the due dates will result in a 10% penalty being added to the members account.

The board of Directors will not accept that non – payment is due to nonreceipt of levy notice. Members are advised that if they have not received their notice by 5th December it is their responsibility to contact the Resort to ascertain the levy payment required.

All Pacific View Resort accounts are audited annually and lodged with ASIC within set timelines. A copy of the audited annual report is made available to all shareholders via the Pacific View Resort website.

What do timeshare owners do with their timeshare

Owners at Pacific View Resort have three options with the usage of the week/s.

  1. Use their week at the Resort. The owners can use the week themselves or nominate another family member or friend to use the week.
  2. Spacebank the week with an Exchange Company.

Using your week at Pacific View Resort:


Pacific View Timeshare Owners own fixed weeks. A timeshare calendar indicates the starting dates for each week each year. Week 1 is always the first Friday in January. All weeks commence on Friday and finish the following Friday.

Owners advise the resort each year if they are intending to ‘use’ their week.

Maintenance Levies must be paid in full prior to arrival.


Exchange Companies operate in Australia, enabling Timeshare owners the flexibility to trade their holiday week for another resort in one of many locations worldwide. The exchange system works much like a bank savings account, allowing owners the opportunity to bank a holiday week any year they consider they will probably not use it, and save it till the following year, or exchange it for a different holiday location at a resort of their choice in the same year.

There are two exchange companies who offer Pacific View owners different exchange options and choices.

7Across - Web: - Phone: 1300 733 674

RCI - Web: - Phone: 1800 368 800

Deposit early to maximize your trading power so you have more opportunities available for a match when you’re ready to request an exchange vacation. Keep in mind that you don’t have to know the details of your own vacation in order to deposit the week you own.

Before planning any exchanges you must ensure the following:

  • Your levies at Pacific View Resort are paid in full
  • You have not already used your entitlement on the resort or through an exchange company
  • You are a member of the exchange company you have selected
  • You have paid the appropriate membership fees to the Exchange Company for the period that is to be deposited.

Booking Online

Pacific View Resort now offers an online system through our website at This option gives members the ability to take control of their own timeshare holidays by allowing members to pay levies, make bookings, deposit weeks and make rental reservations. There are also links directly to the exchange companies. Simply contact the resort to receive your member number, password and a few simply steps to follow and you’ll be all set to go.

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